Saturday, February 7

these boots...

Tried on some boots today. I wear a 42 (12) but occasionally a 41 will fit. Generally shops only carry up to 40, but I found one that had a few 41s.

I can't get my foot inside and I don't want to damage the zipper. "It's too tight" I tell him.

"No. Push your foot in there. It's not too tight once you have it on."

I jam my foot in. "Too tight," I tell him.

"That's impossible" says he. "41 is perfect. They're very comfortable," he insists.

I laugh at him. "Nope. Too tight," as I struggle to get my foot out.

"Oh, this one. This one is very comfortable. 41. Look how beautiful" as he presents me another.

Again, too tight. "No," I wince as I step in front of the mirror.

"But that's impossible," he repeats.

"I have a big foot... generally I wear 42... It's not impossible," I explain. I jam my foot into another he offers.

"But don't you see how comfortable they are! Look how comfortable!"

I smile. "Yes, they look nice, but they are too tight. I would need a 42."

"It's impossible!" he retorts.

Laughing now, I put my size 42 boots back on. Ah, now these boots are made for walkin.


  1. Hey your feet are bigger than mine (size 11 here). Hi from someone from the big feet club. I tried to deny that I wore an 11 for a long time, now I just admit it! My feet are much happier now!

  2. Funny -- and get this, the older I get, the bigger my feet get! I'm 41, going on 42 -- in feet that is!

  3. Hope it's easier to find generously-sized shoes in Italy than it is in Ohio. I have pencil feet (size 8 AA), but my step-daughter wears an 11. Shopping with her for shoes is a nightmare!

  4. I wear a size 11, too. I love the looks they give me when I ask for my size--like it's preposterous for me to assume they might have a size that huge. I usually end up saying the hell with it and squeezing into a ten. My poor toes!

  5. Anonymous6:10 PM

    I think you may have insulted him. Poor guy. :) I really can't complain, My Dansko's are size 37. And, yes, they are very comfortable too.

  6. Ack, I'm a 41 and they are perfection for my big and newly fallen arched feet. I despise shoe shopping because it is a total crapshoot on whether shoes will fit. I don't think I've ever had a salesperson insist I was wrong about it, though! :)

  7. Oh, thank you for some David Tennant!

    Underneath, you have implied a "suck it" to the shoe salesman who would not believe that your feet were more comfortable in a slightly larger size.

    Hmmmm... could you do a whole month of David Tennant? Cause I would definitely stop by every single day!

  8. Mine are wide. salesmen love to tell me that shoes will fit if I just try harder. Fortunately a gay friend took me shopping where trannies buy shoes - thank God! Now have comfortable purple crushed velvet spike-heeled boots. I feel FABULOUS

  9. I have really thin feet and ankles and most boots are too wide for me. Then sales people try to convince me that I should wear three pairs of socks.
    Umm yeah ...

  10. To boot or not to boot...

  11. Funny... Those sales people will do anything for a buck, huh?

    "Look, Lady, I could care less that these boots are going to cripple you. My Vespa payment's due."

    Good luck on your boot hunt!

  12. Hiking boots are the best I can do-my feet aren't that big, but real boots strangle my cankles!


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