Sunday, February 8

The Doctor and gelato

Mmmmm. Gelato. One of my very favorite things to, well, suck (just sticking with the theme) here in Italy. Nociolla. Ciocolato. Nutella, cafe, vanilla... or strawberry, banana, or cherry. Ooh, and Ahh.

My favorite of all time gelato is gelato riso at a little place just off Campo di Fiori in Roma. Yea, rice. It is SO very much better than it sounds. You can also have it with cinnamon. It's a stop-you-on-your-ass and melt-on-down-through-the-bench-slats good. And then go get another, cause, how often are you in Rome, right?

Mmmm. And licking David Tennant, uh, I mean him.. licking gelato. Really, this is right in there with this post. Plus he's singing The Gambler which kicks ass.

Wild Child suggested I do a David Tennant theme. Sure would help me get though this month until Doctor Who starts in March. I'll see what I can do...


  1. When we first moved here my husband couldn't contain himself with ice cream.
    Seriously, it's so much better than in the US.

  2. I made a mistake the second time I ordered gelato in Rome. I said surprise me for my last flavor. Surprise me he did. Licorice.

    That f*cker.

  3. Our first month here I think we ate gelato at least twice a day. Seriously. I said, "look, we're not on vacation... we live here. We can't continue eating so much gelato!" It was tough but I weaned us back to having gelato 3 times a week... and fortunately, the gelaterias all close in the winter here... but we still go back to once a day during the summer months in Amalfi. SOOOO GOOD!

    Don't like licorice? Me either, but my husband loves it. Maybe he wanted to give you something very Roman.

  4. My personal fav is chocolate with red peppers/spicy chocolate of any kind. I ate so much gelato during the three weeks I was in Italy.

  5. I haven't traveled to Italy yet (I hope to one day) but when I do, I plan to eat gelato three or four times a day.

  6. I agree with's not only fortunate, but a downright Godsend that the gelaterias close in winter....

  7. PS Thanks for getting me clued in on David Tennant (I've been away from the UK far too long)...he's cute, but I'll never get over Jon Pertwee.

  8. Given how much I love American ice cream, it's probably a good thing I don't live in Italy -- I'd gain 20 pounds.

  9. The first time I ever had gelatto, I was just outside Venice and it was freezing out. It was so ridiculously good I thought I'd got hit by a truck.

  10. KMc... I know exactly how you felt!
    Jeanne... it's dangerous. And I used to have a B&J habit. At least with gelato you only get a few scoops at a time.
    Louise... I'll post some David in Doctor Who, he's even more charming in that role.
    Beth... it's okay when you're on vacation ;)
    Amanda... OH! I forgot about ciocolato con peperoncino! What an explosion of contradiction. Sweet, cold, hot, heavenly all wrapped up on your tongue.


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