Saturday, February 21

barking mad top posts

I'm not usually one to go after freebies, hell, we don't even have Target in Italy, but I really like the "to do" part of this contest. Getting to know the core of new bloggers I come across... after all, who has time to really dig into a new blog, months and months (sometimes years) of really great stuff.

So, Auds at Barking Mad is giving away 250 Target bucks to one person who lists their 5-10 favorite posts from their blog. Now, I've already done this on my sidebar to help you avoid the frustration I've been feeling on new blogs, so easy peesy. Mac and Cheesy (I do not like Mac and Cheese).

Here they are again:

beautiful noise
behind glass
simple things
zen and the art of grocery shopping

There you go. Hope you like what you see.


  1. Well, I'll be dipped in gork-some even I hadn't read yet! I love the pic of Punkette in "Weird-O". Fits in so loverly with the text!

  2. There's nothing wrong with a little Mac and Cheese! :p

    I'm also currently participating in a contest just cause its fun. Its not like anyone is going to mail me a prize in Egypt! LOL But i'm having a blast participating so for me that was enough. :) Good luck!! :)


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