Tuesday, February 10

senza ombrello

The headline read
Cold and a little humid... perfect for the super flu
Could have said,
The perfect weather to stay in bed
Or hide under your umbrella
Or the thoughts in your head
Whispers of snow
Breaths of ice
Wet the tracks, white the ties
Falling gently like rain, but lighter...
Lighter in layers
Of silk cotton and wool
Pulled from their beds
Spun woven and wrapped
Just to lift you up
When you find the weather
Senza ombrello

Edited to add: please send these thoughts to Australia


  1. i loved it..........

  2. yes. i can relate.

    lisa xx

  3. Now I want to go back to bed. Perfectly lovely poem of a crappy day. :)

  4. Thanks for following. This was a beautiful poem. Thank You for sharing. How are you doing?

  5. A lovely poem that made me want to spend the day curled up in bed, reading a book :)


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