Monday, February 23


Pilgrams's Posture Pointers:

1. Don't wait two weeks and then spend the entire day cleaning the house.
2. Don't carry more backpacks than you have backs.
3. Become more ambidextrous.
4. Don't slouch to hear what people are saying. If it's that important, they'll speak up.
5. Don't slouch to avoid sticking your breasts into people's faces. They probably don't mind. Alternatively, you could wear 4 inch heels and just rest them on their heads.
6. Try some yoga... well you should at least be able to touch your toes.
7. Instead of sitting on the sofa, sit on one of those giant rubber balls. See how long it takes for your kids to bounce you off it.
8. If you want to relax, just lie on the floor. See how long it takes for your kids to start walking on you.
9. Just sleep on the floor too... don't worry about getting a flat head, that only happens to babies.
10. Don't sit and blog so damn much, your left shoulder looks like it's attached to your ear.

That about covers it... my neck/shoulders/back are killing me.


  1. That 'good natural posture' looks mighty unnatural to me! I have blog-posture, too... I sit on the couch with my laptop, slouching down and to the left... until I can't straighten up. It's pitiful!

  2. I hate to think where my posture falls in that chart!

  3. I can relate to this! Sad, isn't it.

  4. So my sitting curled up on my couch with my computer in my lap while i watch tv and type probably isn't good for my posture either, huh? Ooops!

    BTW, I totally want oen of those ball things!!

  5. Funny thing is, when I saw the posture picture, I immediately sat up and rolled my shoulders back.

    And if I wore 4 inch heels, that would allow most people to rest their chin in my boobage. :)

  6. Me too!!

    I sit on my sofa with lap top in lap. I don't notice which way i slouch but i will keep a look out for that!!!

    Your funny!!!

  7. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Gosh! How did you know that my left shoulder is attached to my left ear?:)

  8. I have horrible posture, just looking at that chart horrifies me!

  9. So posturing is not for politicians alone !?! Hmm !


  10. Turns out that I have been feeling so achy because I have the flu. Sucky suck suck suck.

    About that chart, I go to a chiropractor here that photographed me against a grid and basically made one of these diagrams of my body. It is SCARY. I look so messed up, and I was standing up straight as possible. (I will never ever post these pictures, so don't ask).

  11. When I was a teenager, the first supermodels were strutting down the catwalk, so my girlfriend and I decided we MUST walk like that -- hips thrust forward, shoulders rounded, gliding, gliding in our platform shoes...

    Good Lord, you should see us now, slumping our way into see our chiropractors and podiatrists!

    Sorry about the flu. Hope you feel better soon. Flu sucks! :-)

  12. I have the world's worst posture -- and it's starting to pay off in weird spells of numbness in various body parts. Good thing you're addressing while your young!


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