Friday, February 6


Yesterday Punkette's nun wanted to speak to me after school. She wanted me to talk to Punkette about something. Apparently, she had been asked to speak on the phone with a perspective parent that didn't know Italian. The nun explained that they asked her to do this favor for them but when they handed her the phone, Punkette wouldn't speak! And could I please convince her to help the teachers in this way in the future.


Poor kid. She has a hard time talking on the phone to people she knows. And they expected her to talk to some stranger. More than talk, they want her to translate. I'm glad they think her Italian is so good, but that's quite a lot to ask of a little kid.

I smiled and said I would talk to her about it. Then suggested that they could have English speaking parents call me in the future. I could tell them what wack jobs the nuns are but that Punkette is very happy there. At least when they're not tucking in her shirt or forcing salad down her throat.

Then I told Punkette she kicks ass and next time to tell the nun to "suck it."


  1. Tee hee.

    None of them speak English? Isn't there an English teacher there?

  2. Not a one. And they don't speak a word more than "good morning." They do have an English teacher, but she wasn't working yesterday. They were trying to get Punkette to explain to the parents when the English teacher would be available to talk.

  3. Our kids get placed in such strange positions as bilingual expats. When my daughter was 8, she spent her summer translating for a couple trying to adopt a baby. She went to court, doctors appointments and grocery shopping. They paid her with lots of Happy Meals and candy and she was out of my hair.

  4. Really. Don't you wonder how some of these people ended up teaching children at all? they don't seem to have any understanding of what little people are going through.

  5. You should have told them, "Really. I didn't know my daughter was now employed by your school. What exactly will she be making for her translation services?"

    That would have shut them up!

  6. "Suck it" Really? ;-) LOL


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