Monday, February 16

Hiking close up

A butterfly enjoying the landscape patch of velcro on my pants. I like these pants for hiking with punks because of these pockets at the sides. You know how punks are... always finding, always needing, always giving and holding on... you need pockets for this kind of journey.

And the rainbow in the background is the rainbow wrap skirt, wrapped about Punkette. Punkette who loves rainbows and wanted a rainbow skirt. This one is meant for one much bigger than someone who's name ends with "ette." But we just wrap her up twice.

Thanks Ponderings of a Porcupine for giving me a poke to ponder the 6th photo in my 6th folder. That was a joy. Nearly as delightful as weaving through your blog.

Get on over there! Pick a post (maybe here, or here, or even here) and get lost for a while.

And I'm going to tag TypO at Wandering the World... she's been gone for too long! Maybe we'll get a peek at what she's been up to.


  1. "But we just wrap her up twice." I love that. "...always finding, always needing, always giving and holding on." Loved that, too. I just loved this post :).

  2. It is a nice kind of meme, isn't it? Sends us back to review things from the past. Always fun.

  3. Great picture with an amazing memory. Thanks for sharing this slice of life.

  4. ALWAYS must have many pockets!

  5. Im with Derfina. As usual :)

  6. Really beautifully written, Christine. Lyrical, in fact. We all need pockets for this journey.

  7. Lovely memory. :) I like this meme. :)

  8. Hi there,
    What a great blog you have here!!! I am now a follower!!

    I love this post!!! Just perfect!!!

    Nice to meet you!!!

  9. I'm so sorry for the delay. The internet access was blurry for a few days....

    Wow! Hiking- Pockets- Kids...Hmmm, that's a nice triangle- kinda inseparable now that I put some 'gray' into it! And the 'rainbow skirt wrapped twice'. I like that one too!

    Looks like you're gonna slay me one day, Christine! Mucho mucho gracias for your shoulders:)


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