Thursday, February 19

market day

Thursday is market day here. What to go check it out?

The streets are packed, rain or shine, hot or frigid. The markets are one of the things that I love most about living in an Italian city.

People get their shopping done at the market, but it's also fun to just see what you stumble on.

Yea, even underwear. Really good all cotton underwear actually, as market doesn't always mean bargain prices. Sometimes it means just finding things that you normally can't in the city.

Notice the woman in the back wearing her full fur coat. Fur coats are for everyday wear here. I've even seen women biking in their full length furs.

I love the colors of these sweaters.

This guy was selling old frames, but I loved the EuropeAmerica print.

Of course there is food. In addition to cheese you also find your fruit and vegetables, honey vendors, rotisserie chickens, sausage, fries, and fresh fish stands. I usually pick up a chicken so I don't have to cook dinner Thursday night.

Belts, socks, umbrellas...

This is where I buy my shoes. She's the only place in town that carries 42s. Good quality and good prices... Woo hoo!

Looking for a new bag?

I really like these colorful dish towels. I'm kind of into things that have Italian words written on them.

The same stand sells Espresso sets. Oh they have all manner of housewares... you just have to push over the old ladies to get to it

There are also about a dozen different plant stands... both silk and fresh flowers, indoor and outdoor plants, seeds and containers.

Stop and smell the roses where you are today too.


  1. I'd like one of those grey espresso sets and one of those awesome sweaters! Oh, and lots of cheese, please! :p

  2. What beautiful pictures!

  3. Anonymous4:06 AM

    So quaint...I go to Costco and the mall.

    Jealous, once again.

  4. And this is just one reason why I hang around your place all the time....

  5. Typ0... there you are! Mmmm I like cheese too, especially goat.
    Crazy... thanks! fresh off the press
    lisa... it's a crime they don't do this in the US
    Jeanne... love to have you

  6. I LOVE THAT SWEATER PHOTO!!! The colors are astounding!!!

    What lovely photos and what i wouldn't give to be able to go to your market on a Thursday!!!!

  7. That looks like so much fun! I want to try all the cheese!

  8. A really fantastic post! Your photos are marvelous! I love this kind of market. It's one of my favorite things about visiting my youngest daughter in California. They have weekly market days too, and you can find wonderful things there. I love the color and the bustle - and the prices.

  9. Ha! I thought the dishtowels were the Italian version of days of the week panties!

  10. You should turn this into a meme - get everyone to take pics of their local markets.

    But I'd have to work hard to take pics as fantastic as yours!

  11. Seriously, were those espresso sets just 6 euros? They are gorgeous! Though I'm a tea drinker (living in the UK can do that to you). And the fabric! Now why didn't you stop and buy me some?

    I think I just weaned my old jewelry of necklaces from the early 1990s that look vaguely similar to the ones hanging in your pic. Dang! Don't tell me they've come back around! LOL

  12. That is SOME market ! Wonderful. Thanks for sharing !

  13. Wow, I wish we had markets around here... what fun!

  14. Michelle... I'm glad you liked the stroll through my market ;)

    Brenda... so much fun just strolling though

    bobbie... happy to share

    derfina... haha! too funny.

    Amanda... what a great idea! I'm thinking a markets of the world side bar with links to everyone's market posts... hummmm

    Wild Child... yes, just 6 euros. But did you notice the dish towels were 8? I thought that was a bit steep... I'd be all over them for 4. They say if you hold on to it long enough, it comes back in style ;)

    Kavi... It's huge. I just showed bits and bites. Seriously, it goes on for about 10 city blocks.

    Janna Bee... they are so fun.

  15. Thank you for this wonderful stroll through the market. Feel like I'm in South Philly!

  16. Outdoor markets are the best.

    I love your header photo!

    Thank you for telling me/us about Living Waters for the World. I'll check them out.

  17. I love a stroll through this sort of market. My only problem is that for some reason, I tend to purchase things I'd normally never buy --in colors that look garish once I get them home. The last time I was in Florence, I bought a purply-pink leather shoulder sling bag that was beautiful and looked just right in hanging there on the rack, but when I got back to the states...oh, my! I carried it once and gave it away.

  18. Man, that makes me wish I was there! And that England would have markets like this for me to hit every week. :) I went to a market like this one in Florence when I visited there five years ago. Got a great leather jacket that is still hanging in my closet and some beautiful throw pillow covers. It will all be just a train ride away in a matter of months.... omg.


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