Tuesday, August 30


When things are right
I see rays of light dance across the bay
Music carries my day
I’m right at home
At home in my heart
And I rightly shine
Until I don’t

When things are right
Morning light marks the new day
Bringing the come what may
The world seems lush green
And wills my being
Until it won’t

When you and I are right
I am never happier in the worst of storms
The world and I get along fine
I can be what I am
Am what I be
That is
I’m not

Tuesday, August 23

face of the earth

A left and a right and a left-hop-skip
I think I've gone and hopped right off it

I've let myself dive into the persistent cloud-cover,
feeling the gray and gloomy days.
While lush mountains with their woolly green coats
flock the sulking Shepard.
Who sits on her rock and consoles her heart
drawing rivers with a stick in the mud
You see, the earth and the rain are playing a game
coaxing this crab from her shell.
For sit long enough on the most comfortable rock
and your bony ass will get sore
And your numb bum and the soft filtered sun
will cause you to stretch and to eye (unawares)
Whereupon Mother Kesey and her gang of merry pranksters
Swiftly sneeze you into the sky.

Friday, August 19

punkette me dit

My mash up of Punkette and MIKA:

And she says
why do these stairs hate me?
why do I fall down so much?
world has gained up on me!

And she says
I have so many scrapes
look here's another four
it's true her knees are cut and bruised

And she says
I don't want to play or jump
I just keep getting hurt
I try but then the world fights back

And she says
I give up on this world
Can I watch another show
The couch is the only safe place for me

And she says
as she bites the dust
as she hits the floor
you'll come give her wings
to go back for more

as she get's fed up
and needs to scream and shout
you'll shout with her too
and show her what to do

get up! jump to your feet
get up! come feel the beat
get up! feel the beat
Dance! dance! dance!


Really, just an excuse to post MIKA's latest release ;) Danse!

Thursday, August 18


I have dreams.
Dreams of scaling El Capitan
Clamped to the edge of the world,
Drifting at the edge of space.
Dreams of tall pines and sap on my fingers
The sting of scraped knees and my breath
Caught as we sway with the wind.
Or being old and weaving loose ends
The loose ends of a fortunate life.
Loose ends that slip into a comfortable knit
With an old friend with the right loose ends.
Dreams of being unknown
But knowing myself
Just driving off in a new direction
And being exactly what I feel like being.
Or spinning these things
Bits of death and love and reaching far places
With an unseen touch into the web.
Into the ebb, into the bed,
Into... and
Out of my head.
I will not live in dreams
But dreams are the thing.
The things that fill up the vast empty spaces
An oil that carries heat from the fire
To everything cold
To everything real.

Monday, August 1

laying tracks

Sun shines off rails
Grass crisp to golden
And I imagine the clang from cow bells
Across the dusty path on some Italian mountain top
My body is the vessel I use bring myself into work in the morning
Back through the door at night
But I am the cool shadows
Rainbows cast through the air that sits on the edge of leaves
Those colors in my eyes
Breathing in the sun
The urge to dance in public
I am the same in any language
In any place
Its still me
Seeing sleeping bears in the hills
Willing to climb all the way to the very top
Just to slide down

- Christine