Friday, August 19

punkette me dit

My mash up of Punkette and MIKA:

And she says
why do these stairs hate me?
why do I fall down so much?
world has gained up on me!

And she says
I have so many scrapes
look here's another four
it's true her knees are cut and bruised

And she says
I don't want to play or jump
I just keep getting hurt
I try but then the world fights back

And she says
I give up on this world
Can I watch another show
The couch is the only safe place for me

And she says
as she bites the dust
as she hits the floor
you'll come give her wings
to go back for more

as she get's fed up
and needs to scream and shout
you'll shout with her too
and show her what to do

get up! jump to your feet
get up! come feel the beat
get up! feel the beat
Dance! dance! dance!


Really, just an excuse to post MIKA's latest release ;) Danse!


  1. Interesting poem.

  2. Well the poem sucks. I started off diving into the rant punkette has been reciting lately, but the tune of Elle Me Dit kept weaving in... I've listened to it dozens of times over the last two days since the video came out.

    Love the video. Toss the poem.

  3. I respect the idea of the creator. I kinda like it.


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