Monday, August 1

laying tracks

Sun shines off rails
Grass crisp to golden
And I imagine the clang from cow bells
Across the dusty path on some Italian mountain top
My body is the vessel I use bring myself into work in the morning
Back through the door at night
But I am the cool shadows
Rainbows cast through the air that sits on the edge of leaves
Those colors in my eyes
Breathing in the sun
The urge to dance in public
I am the same in any language
In any place
Its still me
Seeing sleeping bears in the hills
Willing to climb all the way to the very top
Just to slide down

- Christine


  1. oh i hadn't been reading blogs in a while, and you popped up first on my list - didn't know you were back...and so sorry that is causing you some grief! I will definitely follow you at 5am...not literally of course, cuz 5am is REM sleep for me...though I have been trying to force myself into morning person mode. Tucson in the summer is BEST before 7am.....Welcome back to crazy land.....

  2. damn! i just caught up, christine!! what a trial! i am so sorry it is still so difficult for you! i will try to stay more caught up on the 5am blog :-)

  3. Thanks SSP! It actually hasn't been so bad, but I couldn't get myself to continue writing here... It would just get me lamenting about the change and kill my creative flow. I thought the blog would just evolve, but it felt like I was ruining what i compiled here. I think a fresh template and a clean slate is just what I need.

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  5. CONGRATULATIONS on being chosen a Blog of Note! I really like your blog!!

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  6. Wow I'm sorry your down right now, but what an experience to move to Italy for a few years! I would LOVE to do something like that, but unfortunately the only thing me and my boyfriend (aka the man of my dreams) don't have in common is travel...he wants nothing to do with it. Guess I'll be doing it on my own!

    Great blog, I'm definitely a follower!

  7. Anonymous9:55 PM

    How did this get a blog of note? You haven't posted in over three months...

  8. Anonymous3:55 AM

    Your blog is looking good - I love the graffiti header. Hope things improve for you. I just realised why we have fallen off the radar; our profile doesn't show up! I think I have fixed it but, we are at you want to pop by sometime and say hi. :-)

  9. Anonymous5:21 PM

    It sounds amazing!

  10. Anonymous5:22 PM

    so true!! be careful what you wish for.....

  11. Anonymous6:15 PM

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  12. Wow, I really feel for you! It must be so hard to come back from Italy, although I've never gone I've dreamed of it for years. Do you have pictures of the area you were living in? I don't know why you would want to come back, like leaving a dream to come back to "reality"?

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  16. I can sympathize with you being 'homesick'. I myself miss Nicaragua. Congratulations on being recognized.

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  19. I have just recently stumbled upon your blog and have not gotten very far yet into your posts, but I am sure I will love it. I am extremely jealous that you have experienced life in Italy. It is very "Eat, Pray, Love"-esque, minus leaving the husband part. It has always been my dream to travel the world, be selfish, and really experience life to the fullest. So I cannot wait to read about your adventures. Once I am all caught up, I may make my way over to your new blog space. I just wanted to comment on how I am jealous that you did this with your life! ;)

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  21. Interesting blog. Forgive me for nitpicking / hairsplitting, but "pilgrim" has no "a" in it.

    Unless of course the misspelling is intentional, but if so, I don't get the significance.

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  23. Wow. I have no clue how I managed to get on Google's radar and am a bit perturbed that I left such a mediocre post to headline after really working at it for so long. Thanks for all the great comments... I've been wondering about the recent flux of emails. We'll see. Maybe I get back at it.

    PS... It's 'pilgrAm' intensionally. Play on Latin meanings.

  24. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Hello. I just discovered your blog. I was looking for creative writing blogs because I have similar interests and I must say I am pleased to have found yours. Your poetry is a sensory experience to say the least. I like when creativity can awaken my senses ;).


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