Tuesday, March 24

if only

My conversation with Punkette coming home from school...

P: Mom, I'm super tired. I didn't even sleep last night!
Me: Yea. I'm tired too.
P: I didn't even close my eyes for one second, and then it was morning!
Me: Sometimes it feels like that when you sleep. Maybe we could go to bed earlier tonight so that we're not tired again tomorrow.
P: No. We can tell the earth to stop moving so we can sleep!

market day reminder

In the northern hemisphere, spring has arrived... and soon many farmers/outdoor markets will be starting. If you have one near you, I'd love to see it. Please consider putting together a "Market Day" post and link it to my meme on the side bar.

love list


clouds in the sky
music played loudly
questions "why?"
understanding smiles
not so many "Os"
I love walking
and seeing
and feeling at home
time with the kids
and time alone

Lately I've been sucked into Mcrosoft's Movie Maker. A fun addictive suck-ass program. It's fun, addictive, and then freezes up every 10-15 minutes, suck-ass program. It has been driving me insane, but I was having so much fun making my little Twilight music video. I found myself waiting for the bus, imagining different songs on my ipod set to different scenes in the movie. Or other movies (better ones). Is deciding on the soundtrack for movies an actual job I could apply for? That would be a kick-ass job. I'll have to look into that.

I taught my Punkone "Fur Elise" on the piano. He just started taking lessons this year, but it turned out to be a great finger exercise tune for him to learn. And pleasant to listen to as well... so excuse me if I'm still humming "da da da da da da da da da...." (typing doesn't really do it justice).

Saturday, March 21

what stinks? (besides my blog lately)

My son came home from school the other day with "Skifidol Puzz" Cards. Check out the link for a dose of Italian culture at it's finest. They're cards showing cartoons doing gross things... typical school age humor... with the added bonus that some of them come with the appropriate smell. It's pretty disgusting. For example, one card shows a kid urnitaing in public and the card smells like piss. Yea, just a bit too much.

As disgusting as these cards are, it's all in good fun, right? I'm torn between being utterly revolted and endeared by the timelessness of gross childhood humor.

Remember Garbage Pail Kids? Or Totally Twisted After Dark. I remember laughing myself silly over cows bungee jumping with defective ropes and steaks falling off them when the rope snapped. Or what happens when you combine the cats and lawn mowers screen savers.

Thursday, March 19

every get that not so fresh feeling?

I was waiting in the normally long, slow line during the 6 pm rush at the supermarket. I wasn't in a hurry, so I found the agitation of the others around me slightly humorous. I smiled and chuckled to myself as one person after another plotted not so obvious ways to cut ahead of me in line. I was so detached I didn't feel like playing and entertained myself internally with the circus that was humming around me.

We hadn't budged in 10 minutes, well, at least I hadn't. I started scanning the products on the shelves around me. Across the aisle were feminine hygiene products. Delicate feminine washes seem to be a big thing here... I think it has to do with the popularity of bidets. But this one in particular made me snort so hard I almost choked and startled the old lady next to me:

That's exactly the feeling I'm looking for when I think about my nether regions... "Chilly". Curiosity got the better of me and I found their web site, which is even more hilarious. Their catch phrase is "nel mio intimo c'e' Chilly"... which I roughly translate as "in my intimates, it's Chilly ... or there's Chilly"

I'm sorry... am I the only one laughing my ass off?

Tuesday, March 17

kiss me I'm Irish

A little bit. Even in absence of green beer and Shamrocks I feel a bit leprechaun-y today. You know that mischevious, playful, up-to-no-good feeling, topped off with a pint, a kiss and a pinch on the ass. THAT would be a good day... everyone gets a pint, a kiss, and a pinch on the ass.

And then have a nice plate of corned beef and cabbage.

Monday, March 16

whatever Mom

Traveling back to the US was a big deal. Mostly for me.
The punks had a blast, but seemed unmoved by the cultural differences.
They gave me those "weird-O" looks that I get all the time over here.
WOW! ... cacti, smoothies, Fashion Square, eggs benedict, Target, Starbucks, 2 miles feels like 20, CCR, Corona, Cubs pre-season, size 11 shoes... all got me excited... all gave me a little zing of joy.
The punks hardly batted an eye.
Well, we had a little excitement over smoothies and seedless watermellon, but other than that, seemed like "same old same old." Guess that's what happens when you're an international traveler from birth. They had great fun, they loved it, but they don't get all rubbernecky and wowed over by the differences. Like me.

Saturday, March 14

I came home

The stone walls, the church bells and fountains
They feel good now
As good as a Stanford run
Or a Midwest drive
My stroll through vineyards surrounded by white capped peaks
Feels just as nice as an August thunderstorm
Or watching the waves at Half Moon Bay
Winding streets that set my head spinning
Now are soothing and rhythmical
Even to so strange a place
I still find my way home

Thursday, March 12

sweet peek

This might be my favorite photo we took at the wedding last weekend. I love the well mannered curiosity of Flower Girl Punkette. I love that you can tell the bride is smiling. I love the light and shadows of an AZ evening. Love the flowers too.

It was a great trip. Very south-western American. Juevos Rancheros, watermellon, CCR, and shots of tequillia. Lots of love too. Congratulations Big Bro and Sis-in-law! It was lovely.

Wednesday, March 4

pre travel funk

Sorry for the hiatus, the poetry jam was very cool, thanks for that. Aside from taking a breather from daily blogging, I am in pre-travel funk. We are going to the US for 4 days for a wedding. All four of us. I am trying to avoid having nightmares about being locked in a canister with HUNDREDS of other people for twelve hours... three of whom are the two punks and MM. How is it that I find myself attached myself to these neurotic people? Think happy thoughts. Inner growth comes from outer turmoil. Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you. Insert your favorite eastern/western line of bs here.

Basically I'm alternating between this

google images

And this

google images

That's it! I should do both. Kick some ass, AND meditate. By kick some ass, I mean my own on my rowing machine.

I'm actually looking forward to the trip. My brother is getting married to a fantastic woman (and she's not Italian) and it will be Punkone's first time back in two years. I'm interested in his reaction. When I went with Punkette last year, after about 20 min of waiting in line at customs she asked me "but, do they speak English here?" I think they've forgotten that there is a whole society that speaks English. It's not just some bizzaro habit of their mother. She is bizzaro in many ways, so I can see how they might arrive at that conclusion.

The plan is 1. Eat an American Breakfast, 2. Soak up some vitamin D (it's in AZ), 3. Buy some summer clothes for the punks at Target, 4. Indian heritage or US largest Firetruck museum, 5. Rehearsal, BBQ and country line dancing. 6. Wedding prep and wedding. And relax, have fun, and not go crazy doing it.

So, chant on whatever works for you and send those vibes my way... hopefully I'll see you in a week.