Monday, March 16

whatever Mom

Traveling back to the US was a big deal. Mostly for me.
The punks had a blast, but seemed unmoved by the cultural differences.
They gave me those "weird-O" looks that I get all the time over here.
WOW! ... cacti, smoothies, Fashion Square, eggs benedict, Target, Starbucks, 2 miles feels like 20, CCR, Corona, Cubs pre-season, size 11 shoes... all got me excited... all gave me a little zing of joy.
The punks hardly batted an eye.
Well, we had a little excitement over smoothies and seedless watermellon, but other than that, seemed like "same old same old." Guess that's what happens when you're an international traveler from birth. They had great fun, they loved it, but they don't get all rubbernecky and wowed over by the differences. Like me.


  1. Anonymous4:13 AM

    They're still young and the details are lost on them.

    So, where do you like it better. US or Italy. Wait, I think I may already know the answer.

    Glad you're home safe.

  2. Kids do take things in stride. They will appreciate it some day.

  3. Reentry into another atmosphere, huh? ;)

  4. My kids grew up internationally and I love the way they are comfortable in almost any situation. Nothing seems to shake them. Nothing impresses them either, but they seem to be able to adapt anywhere

  5. Anonymous7:14 AM

    kids, i think, have a blast anywhere and analysis, no judgements, sheer simple's an envy...i guess adults'll never get back to that mode:)

  6. rubbernecky ! Thats new !

    But kids have a way of letting you know whats same. And whats different !

    Hmm !

  7. Which do you view as the better place to go through adolescence?

  8. Anonymous10:22 AM

    I wish we adults could be as flexible as kids!

  9. You know, you're raising global citizens. We are old enough to see the wonder in that; they take it in stride.

  10. i think it should be a law to get excited over seedless watermelon. there is nothing better!

  11. lisa said... So, where do you like it better. US or Italy?

    Of course, each place has it's pros and cons. I think I'm still facinated and very much enjoying my daily life here. But I feel comfort on a deeper level in the US. There's a lot from the US that I've very happy to be without... mostly I'm missing friends and family. It's a hard choice because US is home. I think if it wasn't and I could view both places subjectively, I'd prefer Italy, but that is very hypothetical (I'd be a totally different person).

    bobbie... I think so too.

    Janie at Sounding Forth said... very much so. It's so different.

    Brenda said... yes, that's exactly what I'm noticing.

    naperville mom said... yea, I try, but I see it's totally different.

    Kavi said... not for me... I'm very rubbernecky... I stare in wonder at so many things. This is why I don't drive.

    Jeanne said "Which do you view as the better place to go through adolescence?" ... I think it's great to experience both places as an adolescent. But I think Italy is better. The kids grow a more open view of the world, education is not so grade and testing focused, school is not all of life, but just a part. Family time is more valued here. I think you can achieve these things in the US, but you're outside of the norm if you do.

    ladyfi... me too.

    Karen... I like to think so.

    The Gnu... I think seedless watermelon is what Punkette misses most about the US.

  12. I think your kids are so lucky!! Getting to experience living in such a wonderful place full of history!!

    The will appreciate it all.....

    I think it is cool and romantic and amazing to be able to live in another country from where you were born!!!

    But, thats just me!!!

  13. mine still get excited about being in the US, but they also are very comfortable wherever we are. they aren't easily flapped by unusual occurances, and they are always ready to come home after a US trip.


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