Tuesday, March 24

if only

My conversation with Punkette coming home from school...

P: Mom, I'm super tired. I didn't even sleep last night!
Me: Yea. I'm tired too.
P: I didn't even close my eyes for one second, and then it was morning!
Me: Sometimes it feels like that when you sleep. Maybe we could go to bed earlier tonight so that we're not tired again tomorrow.
P: No. We can tell the earth to stop moving so we can sleep!


  1. I like the way she thinks. If you can get the Earth to stop moving, that'd be really cool and I'd SO appreciate it!

  2. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Perfect pic:)

  3. I love this. Boy, do I wish I could tell the Earth to stop moving sometimes!

  4. By cracky! She may just be on to something.

  5. Sometimes I wish the earth would stop moving too!

  6. When she gets it done, will you call me? Cause I need her to help me out here.

  7. Love her Moxie & photo.
    Aloha S.P.

  8. You know, if you could even get it to slow down for a little while, that would be great!

  9. Kids say the most perfect things sometimes. No, make that all the time and it always makes some sort of sense too!!

    She knows!!!

    Great photo!!

  10. You're such a good mom and didn't traumatize her by explaining that if she stops the earth moving we'd all fly off the planet into the harsh and unforgiving vacuum of space.

    My kids are going to need a lot of therapy.

  11. haha, how do they come up with this stuff?
    i linked to you in my blog today, come on over if you get the chance!
    love The Gnu

  12. oh if life were just so simple. i like the way she thinks.


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