Tuesday, June 28

think I can

Reposted from "Gram at 5AM"

I like the train.
Sort of the same way I like wooden bowls or handmade baskets
Spice racks
This strikes me as strange.
Trains symbolize technology
Steel, speed
But from an era gone by.
And my pace on the train is slow
I notice things along the track.
The kinds of trees, where pools are or hovels hidden away from the street.
Old telephone poles left to stand with their scraps of cable cut.
I study the landscape the way you might examine the yarn you chose for knitting.
Riding the train gets me thinking about home and what's for dinner. Something served at the table with placemats and napkins. Ready for love and quality time.
It's all quality time.


...and you may ask yourself, well...how did I get here?