Monday, February 2


I've never been much for vodka, nor rum, no gin (yuck)...
But a tequila (or two) I'll take

cool and green
on the rocks
I'll suck it through the salt

or perhaps
a salt rimmed neck
straight shot
suck a lime wedged kiss

Exactly the kind of drink that makes me want to go here. Or even our favorite Mexican taqueria back in Cali... Los Caporales. Oh god, their burritos are so damn good!

this photo makes me more than a little home sick

And although I enjoy tequila now, there was a time I did not. The time lasted about a year and was after I stupidly challenged a 250 lb linebacker into a drinking contest. Shot for shot, of tequila. I think we made it to 16? Sure was fun, for about 2 hours. Then, not so fun.


  1. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Ah, the good old days of tequila, mexican food and then passing out at the bar.

    Good times, my Italian friend, good times!

  2. Anonymous4:11 PM

    My word verification was: dedly. Perfect for this post.:))

  3. Good grief! 16 drinks? Have you had a liver biopsy done since then? (I'm guessing you've also had at least one time in your life when you got so drunk you were still trashed the next morning.)

  4. I can't go anywhere near tequila anymore.

  5. Ha, ha, love this 'suck it' theme. Still, David Tennant was best teaser. :)

  6. I too am a slight drinker who will drink good tequila quite willingly! MMMMM buritos too!
    You made me realize that I've been key boarding all day and haven;t written tommorrows blog post for Comfort Spiral, up dated my CV/Resume`, OR accomplished much of anything. I blame all you other great bloggers! Time for a shot of 1800. Ariba!!
    Aloha, Italy Girl ;->

  7. One time we had a party where shots of tequila were involved... and by the time we ran out of lemons, we were so drunk we thought it was a GREAT IDEA to cut up a new sponge and suck bottled lemon juice out of the sponge pieces... Yeah, that was too drunk, I think. And I do have vague recollections of someone holding my hair while I *you know what-ed* later that night. Blechhh.


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