Friday, February 27

new kid in town

First this:


I've made contact with a new kid in town. Fresh off the boat, a family of four from the good ole USA. So funny.

Wow, that was me.

Frazzled, hurried, listed and frantic. She went to buy some sheets. She went to the mall. "I was shocked by how limited the selection was.... are there any bigger shopping centers where I can find a better selection?"

HAHAHAhahahahah.... oh, I'm rolling. De-ja-(f-ing)-vu.

Listen my friend. First. Relax. All your decisions have already been made for you. Let them go. You don't really know what you want... the Italians know what you want.

Second, don't ever ask "why?" Right Braja?


  1. My favorite by a recent newbie is, "the salesman lied to me! Not one thing he said was true!" Its a game folks, its called, "getting foreigners to part with their money" and many times it works!

  2. Cute video! "all your decisoins have already been made for you." I think that fact should be explained to all expats before they leave home. Because its true no matter where you live. *sigh*

  3. Braja knows everything, doesn't she????

  4. Cute video...and good advice for all of us, even those of us who haven't wandered far, to stop thinking we have control!

  5. If Braja doesn't know, then there just isn't an answer. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

  6. Awesome video. Got me reminiscing about New Zealand :).Love the Italians' way of life. Just got back from Rome. The vision of an Italian jogging within the premises of the St. Peter's Square at the Vatican in his tanktop, shorts and headband still tickles me to this very minute.So if you want priceless entertainment in Italy, you now know where you can head to ;)

  7. And thus the truth was told: never ask why, and if you have to, ask an Italian. This is true wisdom.

    Oh, and try and make sure you're near a pizzeria that sells good red wine when you ask, cos you may need a litre or three....

  8. So theboat landedon your shore !~!! Time to have fun !!

    lovely video

  9. Terrific video!!

    Have a great day!!! Befriend your new friend and show her the ropes!!!!

  10. Interesting, because I often feel frustrated here in the States that there are so many choices, and it takes so much time to do the research and figure out what's best. It would be interesting to see how I'd feel about fewer (no?) choices.

  11. Very cute video. I like when Kiwi was pounding nails in with his feet, cuz that's pretty much the way I was doing my home improvements this morning. Palms were too sore to use them. (Get your mind outta the gutter, it was because of a screwdriver incident.)

    Yeah, get that virgin ex-pat the field manual for Italy, would ya? We don't want her to have to reinvent the wheel. Wait, was the wheel invented in Italy? Hmm. What was the question?


...and you may ask yourself, did I get here?