Wednesday, February 4

card shark

I introduced the punks early to card games. I come from a card playing family and I think it's a fun way to spend time together. Plus, it taught them their numbers and strategy.

But I think I've created a monster.

Punkette has become a card shark, with her big brown eyes and chubby baby cheeks. "Do you wanna play?" she sweetly whispers to her next victim. WHAM!!! She is soon rolling with laughter as she cleans house. Even now that I've pulled out all the parental stops, she still kicks my ass plenty.

Today the game was Uno and she won 10 games out of 15.

It's also a way for her to break the ice. She and I made a trip back to the states last year and she challenged every relative in sight to a game. And I think she beat them all. You should have seen the smug look on her face. She especially likes playing against Great-grandpa...

And she's always interested in learning new games. Last summer solitaire was a favorite on the beach and now she's hooked on some game called spider that I've never even played.

Her all time favorite is probably a game I found in Italy, but the instructions were all in German. It's something like crazy 8s but with fewer cards and we learned the German names for all the face cards ... most importantly: Der Boob, and Das Ass ... we're all in giggles as the kids get full liberty to say boob and ass as much as their little hearts desire, as long as it's in a bad German accent.

I figure a couple more years and I can take her to Vegas.


  1. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Our family loves the game of Uno. My kids are 11 & 13, and we still play it together.

  2. That's too funny...a minicardshark. She's sure a cutie!


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