Monday, February 9


When we had kids, we decided to talk to them intelligently. Using the proper names for things and actions and avoiding all that sickening baby talk. There was no "boo boo, or wee wee, or witty bitty tooties. Nope, just the straight dope man.

gratuitous Doctor

So, this morning, when my daughter delared she "Fato uno puzzetto" (I made a stinky) I was crushed by the sudden realization that we speak Italian baby-talk.

This is what happens when you put the kids in charge. I've been basically learning Italian from them. My daughter wears a "grembrulino" (a whittle-apron) to school. My son has a pisilino (whittle weewee). They "fanno i ninne nanne" (something like nighty-nite) and give me a bacino (whittle kiss) before going to school. And, apparently, make puzzetti (stinkies).

I have to stop translating myself before I gag.


  1. Haha that last sentence floored me.

  2. Love it! Mine didn't learn any Italian until they went to scuola materna, so we missed out on the ninne nanne and the pisilini (although I'm sure my son's keeping something from me on that last one...

  3. PS More gratuitous doctors please

  4. Just wait until they start swearing in Italian. . . mine were swearing in other languages long before I knew the words :)

  5. I think this is hilarious! But it's great that your children are bi-lingual.
    I guess your kids are too old for it now, but have you seen the book called "Everyone Poops"? I know it's been translated into about every language there is.

  6. Awww....Italian sounds good any way :)

  7. HA! three Davids in a row. I can't stand it! Oh, yes, I can, it's awesome. Thanks for the gratuitous one too! Man, am I really that big of a geek. I need me some more doctor over here. Scifi has been airing the latest and greatest over the last few years, but I have yet to get my recent fix.

    OH, what were the posts really about? Maybe I better go back and read. LOL

  8. Thats neat. I am going to use that at work tomorrow. And i bet i will be smiling to myself !


  9. Kavi, you crack me up.
    Wild Child, you're welcome. I am rather enjoying it myself
    Braja, yes, that's part of what sucks you in. I can speak the language if I don't think too much about what the literal translation is. Without even realizing it, we had the baby talk going on just like everyone else.
    bobbie, I have seen that book and THANK GOD we don't need it anymore
    Brenda, they've started that too and get away with it unless their papa' is around.
    Louise, I'm in the same boat... I guess our scuola materna just uses a lot more baby talk than yours. Even in elementary school my son comes home with some weird expressions.
    Bella... **gag** seriously.

  10. That's fabulous. Do you know that I've actually wondered about this very subject?!

  11. I brought the baby talk up with one of my colleagues at lunch yesterday. He said that Italians have a very sweet way to speak with children. I don't think they view it as condescending as I perceive American baby talk. It's more affectionate perhaps. Or maybe that's just his perspective.

  12. @Brenda re swearing in foreign languages -- it gets really embarrassing when they start swearing in their mother tongue. I'm the only person speaking English to them here, so when they swear everyone knows who they got it from...


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