Sunday, January 25

Your husband (not mine) might be Italian if...

he complains that you're not romantic enough.
he cooks better than you do.
he grabs his balls when a black cat crosses his path.
he won't fly on the 17th.
you fear penalty kicks will kill him someday.
you now find it perfectly acceptable to eat cookies for breakfast.
he's nearly deaf, and after seeing fireworks in Italy, you understand why.
Italy is only Italy when you're in the region he's from, otherwise it's just "fucking Italians."
putting cheese on fish will get your arm broken off.
your children call you sexy and smack your butt.


  1. Anonymous2:59 PM

    My husband is a much better cook than me and is way more romantic. What does that say? Should we pack our bags and move to Italy?

  2. This post was a riot! I'm giving up my quest for an Englishman and am now looking for an Italian ;)

  3. Cool Post! LOL

  4. Oh my, what an awesome list!

  5. I love that last one!!! lol


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