Tuesday, January 20

passing words

It's the middle of the night and I've decided not to sleep. For some reason sleep is haunted tonight and I just prefer not to deal with it. And I dive into the world.

My wanderings lead me to Kavi... who has graciously supported me since I started this blogging adventure just a few short months ago and I feel I need some of what he might have to say. I do not leave empty hearted. So much so, so much full, that I must pass on these words.

There are wonderful things in this world. Things that we miss. When I spot a bit with my eagle eyes, I'll try my best to pass it on...


  1. I cant help but say thank you ! I am touched ! In a very unique way, that my keyboard rattle is keeping you company ! And seems to be a good one at that ! :)

    I am not sure if i will fit the bill of 'gracious support' ! For i have enjoyed what you write, and in your own way of describing Italy and your world there, i have learnt a few things ! About people. About movement. About hope. And about a better tomorrow for all of us.

    And i think, such sharing like yours, increase my urge to share my own story ! So, i must say, 'thank you' to you !

    Now. I wonder if that matches a good inauguration speech !?!


  2. Love the statues. You make me want to go to Italy!


...and you may ask yourself, well...how did I get here?