Tuesday, January 20

pleasurable piove

I have a physical response to rain (piove). It's as if a smile wells up from within my lungs and just pops itself to the surface of my face. I can help it. I don't understand it. But the core of me loves a rainy day.

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Droplets catch your eye
Things you normally pass
The sound as you wind up the road

The grey sky gives way
To lit windows below the road
People in their kitchens

Through the drip, the slush
Waiting for the bus
More aware in these moments
In the rain.

Also, much gratitude to Louise at Carmine Superiore for the Lemonade Award! You too have a wonderful attitude. In appreciation, I've added her blog to my gr'amore (get it... gram- amore) badge in the sidebar.


  1. Anonymous4:10 AM

    Spoken perfectly.

  2. I love the way the Italians in this neck of the woods say 'pi-oh-vay' - starting on a quick, high 'pi', dropping down to a low 'oh', and bouncing upwards slightly with a short 'vay', like raindrops hitting the roof of the house and bouncing back up again, much as they're doing now.

    Loved your poem. Well-observed.


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