Thursday, January 22

what we're watching

I know this isn't a parenting blog... you'd be ill advised to take parenting advice from a woman who refers to her young children as punks. And it's even less a movie blog. But I adore this film...

Azur e Asmar... an animated film by Michel Ocelot, is simply stunning. Sounds, visions, and simplicity. The colors are intensely beautiful. The language is smooth and sophisticated. The story slowly unravels... in contrast to Pixar, this film is a meditation. For your kids.

A story of two boys nursed by the same woman. Brothers in their hearts. Her gentle chats nurturing their dreams of becoming heros.

Did I mention that the colors take my breath away. It's such a beautiful film.


  1. Well, referring to yr kids as punks doesn't make u any less a mom, really:) Honestly, preachy moms're so not cool:)

    I like the review...

  2. Anonymous12:31 PM

    It looks beautiful!

  3. I am checking netflix right now! thanks for the tip.

  4. And it's availability in the US is unknown. Blah. I saved it in my queue anyway... I'll look for it when we get to England, I guess. :)

  5. Gorgeous images. thanks for the tip!
    Have you seen "My Friend Totoro?"
    You SHOULD!!! aloha-

  6. Sounds interesting... Would I be a bad person to make every Friday a movie day at school?

  7. Anonymous7:02 PM

    That sounds interesting. I am looking this up and adding to the 'must watch' !!

    Thanks for sharing !

  8. That looks incredible! I love watching movies that pull me in completely without the attempt to get me to laugh at something stupid. I will add it to my list for sure!

  9. We have also seen Ocelot's series of stories about a little boy named Kiriku... also wonderful little tales that seem to set calm in our house. But the images in Azur and Asmar one will literally stun you. And I love the sound of the Arabic chants.


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