Friday, January 9

caught on camera

Hello Christine. It's me. No, not freshman Christine. She was such a dork. Writing you the address of druggie help groups for fear that Senior Christine would be a stoner. No. This is Old-fart Christine. Yea, I've been here all along. You can fool yourself with a spontaneous nature and child-like fascination with the world, but guess what, old farts are like that too.

I thought I could sneak up on you in the mirror someday, but I wasn't expecting you'd let a five year old loose with the camera.

Alright, so we all know you have bushy eyebrows and you keep telling yourself how cool your gray hairs are. But there I am. Those aren't dimples anymore sweetie... they're certified wrinkles. Baggy eyes, soft saggy cheeks.

Anyway, you little punk, keep up the good work. Keep loving and looking and following your gut. I know this picture makes you smile now. Remember that. Let wrinkles only show where smiles have been.


Seriously though... you might want to start wearing some lip gloss.


  1. Not geeky or dorky at all! Aloha-

  2. "Let wrinkles only show where smiles have been".

    Thats a swell line !


  3. Love to see photos. Makes me feel like I'm seeing real people, unlike magazine covers.

  4. Nice to see your lovely face! I've got the dimple/wrinkles thing going on, too.... I used to only have one dimple and now I have THREE!!

  5. I chuckled at this, then thought, "Wait...don't I know you??"

  6. Funny how it sneaks up on you. I looked at this and thought "dear god, this has got to be the ugliest photo I've ever taken"... So I'll post it. Cause it also got me thinking. And that's really what blogging is about for me... thinking through things just a little further.

    A friend recently asked me if I could be any age, what would it be, and I immediately blurted out 36, my current age.

    And when I saw this photo, I thought, "are you sure about that?"

    It took me a while, but yes, I'm still sure about that.

  7. Hi. Glad to meet you. Darlin', you'll never catch up to me in age. Enjoy who you are today - every day.


...and you may ask yourself, did I get here?