Tuesday, January 6

off-season Amalfi

I have been detached, far and away in southern Italy. A few days in Naples (which I no longer hate) a visit to Pompeii, and new year's celebrations in Amalfi. I have a camera full of new pictures to decorate my posts with and lots of new experiences to sort out in my head.

I'll start with a day we strolled down to the port simply because photos of the Amalfi coast are my favorites and it was a warm pleasant day (in contrast to what I am doing now which is shivering indoors wearing long underwear, a sweater, and three pairs of socks).

I can't quite describe the peaceful, homey feeling of visiting this town where we have been lucky enough to spend two whole summers in the off-season. It's quiet and slow and tucked away.

I love seeing the boats wrapped up for winter, the rusty docks waiting for their spring repairs and summer preparations, the deeper blue of the sea. The whole of it makes my chest open up, my muscles soften, like slipping into hibernation.

These scenes keep my calm and open. Drinking up the sun and sea air. Pure and simple.


  1. Its been some time now...happy new year !!

    Looking forward to the camera load to come out as posts !!

    A tucked away town is the best source of happiness...for sure !

  2. Anonymous3:31 PM

    I'm going to HAVE to finger out a way to check this out in person!

  3. Beautiful... not jealous at all... says the Michigander. (Blaugh) Glad you are having fun!

  4. My brain is still very much in Amalfi. It's a place I'd recommend for anyone wishing to just take it slow and let things sink in. Hubby is desperately trying to figure out a way for us to live and work there now rather than waiting for the kids to grow up. Having them grow up there would be so fun... the sense of community is so strong. I like the idea of them feeling that kind of connection. Then again, it could just be moving abroad guilt.

  5. Hey Pilgram...nice to see you at my place after a long time...:)


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