Thursday, January 29


The Italian word of the day (see sidebar) is cosi' meaning like that.... as in...

Oooh baby, do it like that.


I like that hat you're wearing.

Actually, cosi' is more accurately like so. The punk's tennis instructor says it a lot. I mean, when showing the kids the proper way to swing the racket. Not when we're in the throws of passion. Oh, wait. That never happened.

Hey, THANKS! Lisa at I didn't get the message for this very flattering award!


  1. Learning a new language is always such a challenge, but so much fun as well!

  2. So how cute is this tennis instructor?

  3. Uh... the tennis instructor is darn cute. On a grown woman level he's got a boyish charm. But, I get a kick out of the bashful looks he gets from every girl that walks through the place between the ages of 10 and 25. And he handles it perfectly. Friendly but not encouraging or crushing. Those are tender ages you know.

    But he's not Mike Rowe cute. Oh no. Then we'd be in all kinds of trouble.

  4. Cosi' was one of the first Italian words my eldest (now 4) learned at scuola materna (he started there with practically no Italian, but lots of German and English). As in "Mama!! NOT cosi'- coseeee!

  5. Anonymous4:31 AM

    My husband and I will have to practice cosi'(ing) tonight!


  6. I love this sort of stuff.

    Wish I had something to offer... Oh, wait! Today's blog uses the only German I know (other than drunken mutterings about "bier")...


  7. Congrats on the new bling.... And I totally did a double-take on that line about the tennis pro! Ha ha!!

  8. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Fun, fun, fun:)

    A dash of Italian and good humor... Kudos!

  9. That's a great award! I love learning new languages! It's funny when words get mixed up!


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