Tuesday, November 25


Although the mountains around here are already white capped, I didn't expect to see this outside my window so soon! We hardly ever get snow down in the valley...

I love snow. Growing up south of Chicago, snow was always a special treat to make up for suffering through the cold. It never snowed enough. We were always praying for it to come before Christmas and it hardly ever did (then we'd be praying for winter to end in April and it would snow). I'm not a huge fan of sub-zero weather, but if it comes with snow, I couldn't be happier.


  1. Great decorations!! :) I love that about we snow people. We love snow and winter in December and then when its still around in February we're sick of it and wishing we lived somewhere warm. LOL

    I adore winter! Great clothes. Wonderful coats! Snowball fights. *sigh*

  2. There she goes again! (LuLu walks to the cupboard to get her big can o'whoop ass...)

    sniff*sniff** I want some snow tooooo!!! I just know that by the time I get to Germany it will be all gone.. not to be seen until I depart...

    Hey, Typo... look at that pretty bird outside the window... KABAMMMOOO.... KAZOOOMMMMEE HAHAHAH! How ya like THAT can o'whoop ass! LOL

  3. You Cairo chicks are killing me.

    If it makes you feel any better Lynda, you were the very first person to post a comment on my blog ;)

    I'm still laughing.

  4. My wish would be for snow on ONE DAY A YEAR. Christmas Day and that's it.

  5. *heavy sigh* I miss snow.

  6. That's a beautiful picture. Seriously. Minneapolis is quite brown at the moment.

    Io sono jealiouso! :-) (I don't know the word for "jealous"!)


  7. I missed the first snowfall here, but snow in Seoul is a disappointment to this former Canadian.

    Your photo is gorgeous!

  8. Amazing photo! Just found you on the derwads amazing list.

    Sadly no snow in Oregon. :(

  9. Ah Snow! I'll have to settle for falling blossms. Aloha-


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