Friday, November 21

I can only take so much

The day I started seeing my new asthma and allergy specialist. 1980. I remember lying on the table for hours while they pricked a 20X20 grid of allergens into my back and then waited to see which spots caused the most irritation. I don't remember the subsequent two injections in each arm. I only know about the injections because my mother recently reminisced about how patient I had been that day right up until that point. Apparently I lost it and got out my little 8 year old can o' whoop ass. Bet they didn't see that coming.


  1. Good for your 8 year old self! :) There is only so much a person - even an adult - can take in one sitting.

  2. Look how cute you are!

  3. Glad I found your little island here. I'll be back! Aloha from Waikiki-

  4. Hahahaha.... 'lil' 8 year old can o'whoop ass'

    I am sooooo going to steal that line and use it in my blog one day... be warned! (and if you plan to come all the way from Italy to Egypt to show me some of your personal 'can o'whoop ass'... will you bring some decent past and coffee with you please.


...and you may ask yourself, did I get here?