Sunday, November 30

caldarroste e vin brule'

Yesterday I posted about Punkette's favorite winter treat (honestly though, she asks for it year round). I thought I'd tell you about mine today.

Since I can no longer snuggle under the covers all day with hubby, I like to get out, and these Italians really know how to celebrate a holiday. The Christmas markets have started, the lights are up all over the city and more people than usual are out enjoying the city.

In addition to the pleasures of the warm cafe' s serving cioccolata calda and espresso drinks, there are outdoor stands that sell, my favorite, caldarroste e vin brule' or roasted chestnuts and hot spiced wine.

I finally understand the dreaminess of "chestnuts roasting on an open fire..." The chestnuts are warm and smooth, almost creamy. And if you get them hot out of the roaster you can drop a couple in your pockets to warm up your frozen little fingers. The vin brule' is also nice and hot, done with spices similar to what you would use to make hot apple cider. Every vendor does their own version and this one I'm drinking now has quite a kick. Tastes like there's some grappa in here. Yeeowza! This is my kind of warm up.


  1. Congrats on surviving NaBloPoMo!!! We did it! :)

    Mulled wine and freshly roasted chestnuts - I can't think of anything that sounds quite as nice and homey as that. :)

  2. *sigh* I really think I'm going to have to work on the Unit to make Italy part of the April itinerary. Cheers!

  3. I wanted to thank you for your entirely too kind comment on my blog earlier today. You quite literally made my day by reinforcing the fundamental goodness of folks.

    The Canadian in me gets the vibe of your last two blog entries. I've long been intrigued by the way we all batten down the hatches when the weather turns colder. Everyone has a uniquely personal strategy, and it's immensely fun to share 'em. Consider me inspired.

  4. Just started smelling the chestnuts here in NYC. Christmas is officially here when you get that aroma.

  5. i really miss a cold and toasty christmas. it was in the high seventies today and i noticed several people in ski jackets!


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