Monday, December 1

serenity of slush

It's been sleeting (nevischia) all through the night and it is continuing as I write. Slippy sloshy stuff everywhere. Right now I am LOVING my Sorels. I do mean LOVE. When I get home tonight I will treat them to a wax rubdown, they have been working so hard today. There were no buses running through downtown as trees have been falling down all over the place. I decided to hoof it, just halfway out of the valley and catch one of the buses that bypasses downtown. What I got were sardine cans on wheels. Too funny. I mean there were bodies pressed up against all the windows. The buses up to the university are generally packed, but this was ridiculous. I couldn't take the first one that passed by because the doors wouldn't open. I still had to jam my way into the second, but after 40 minutes of waiting out in sleet, you find a way.

Want to know the best part? The very best part? For the first time in a year and a half, people in general looked happy. IT WAS AWESOME! These stiff closed scowling northern Italians finally brightened up. Who knew!?! Slush! I was met with smiles and patience as we all slushed our way through the mess into work. When generally people would be bitching and moaning, serenity had taken it's place.


    italy = happiness
    slush = misery

    italy = misery
    slush = happiness

    Those are some weird folks you have there in Northern Italia. :p :)

  2. Hahaha! Don't I know it. They're a strange breed. Nothing like my hubby's Romans or the beautiful people of Amalfi. THAT's the Italy I came to love before moving here. Warm, talkative people, lots of kissing and hugging, people treat you like a best friend the first time they meet you. But I'll chalk it all up to experience and keep the few gems I find for friends.

  3. Oh, Christine. You have a way of making even SLUSH sound loverly. You have a gift, gurrrlfriend.

  4. Maybe it's my Canadian heritage, but I couldn't help but smile all the way through this entry. A number of thoughts:

    1 - The weather is an amazing connector between strangers. It immediately gives them a basis for understanding, for establishing a common bond, for simply having a conversation.
    2 - Sorels are the best boots on the planet. I bought a pair after we rescued a dog and brought him home. Along with an amazing parka and a very cozy hat, neck warmer and gloves, I can stay out all night if the dog wishes to take his time. Nothing feels better than being enveloped by good, warm clothing when the weather's frightful.
    3 - It's been crazy-slushy/stormy here over the last few days as well. I promise I didn't send it your way :)

  5. derfina: thanks ;) slush is loverly
    Carmi: Are you sure you didn't send it? When I lived in Chicago and upstate New York, we always blamed the Canadians for the weather. But I agree, one key to enjoying frightful weather is to be well dressed. Sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves... I even found some arm warmers here as my limbs are always sticking out too far. But the Sorels are the best... I love carelessly walking through the slush and having my feet stay completely warm and dry.

    And, I must say,
    You guys are totally warming my heart these days! Thanks!


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