Friday, December 5

all camels are mammals

But all mammals are not camels.

Unless you're a human mother of two more humans, hoofing it back and forth to work, school, bakeries, parks, tennis lessons, music class... then you might be a camel too.

All that crap that I used to fill up the back of my hatchback with... I still need it, it still comes with us, it's just all piled on my back.

I try to hone it down. I have my backpack so I can try to stuff small parcels away. I empty it regularly. But I somehow manage to always end up feeling like a pack animal.

On my arms, shoulders, and back today, when I finally collapsed through the doorway:

1. My backpack, containing a change of shoes from work, wallet, cell phone, mittens, 3 mandarin oranges from lunch, a water bottle, a tennis racket and change of shoes for the punk.

2. Punk's school backpack containing, I think, about 10 or 12 bricks...

3. Shopping bag with sweets for movie night... a pandoro cake, chocolates and gummies, and roasted chestnuts for mom.

4. Two wet umbrellas

excuse me sir... can I borrow your burrow?

Sorry punks... I really do try to refrain from ripping your cute little heads off when you ask me if I can carry your mittens, a stick, or a piece of trash... But could you just take a look at me? Do I have a third arm I don't know about?

Don't worry. I didn't decapitate any punks. My patience flows from an eternal spring. And, despite the fact that I'm eating all this great Italian food, I'm still losing weight.


  1. This made me laugh. I often feel much the same way (as do most mothers, I guess). I've taken to refusing to carry anything that isn't mine. The result, however, is an absolutely filthy and cluttered-to-the-roof car. Sigh. Maybe when she moves out... :)

  2. So what could be better? All that food and fitness too. ;0)

  3. I am constantly amazed by my boys' casual requests to carry their x, y, and z's.... when my arms are filled with four bags of groceries, my purse, a lunchbox, and the car keys. Punks, indeed!

    p.s. I passed along a bloggy award to you. Come on over the Bitchin' Blog to pick it up. :)

  4. Diane: I'm glad to return the laughs. Your goose incident really hit home with me.

    Grandpa: That's what I keep telling myself... just smile and wave, boys, just smile and wave.

    Amy: It must be a universal phenomenon. I try telling myself that it's because they think I've got super-human strength but I suspect it's more along the lines of complete self adsorption. Punks.

    ps... what are you thinking!?!?! An award? You've lumped me in with the likes of yourself, Braja, and Pearl? I'm flattered. Thank you.

  5. All squabs are slobs . . . . Aloha!

  6. 'despite the fact that I'm eating all this great Italian food, I'm still losing weight'

    psst : Interesting..allo allo..can we make a deal...whats the recipe ?!?


  7. psst... the secret is... become one with your camel-self.

  8. Hubby is constantly asking me to carry all his stuff and it drives me nuts! My bag is full and will barely close and you want me to put something else in there?! LOL


...and you may ask yourself, did I get here?