Saturday, December 13

found a piece of my soul

Occasionally you stumble into something that clutches your soul. The moment you lay eyes on it, taste it, smell it... it's grip knocks the air out of your lungs. You feel consumed and empowered at the same time. And you realize you've found a piece of your soul.

I stumbled into a bit of enlightenment in a mini-paradise called Amalfi. But my soul wasn't found in all the beauty, the streets, or the soothing sounds of an Italian village. Some of it is in the sea and the rocks and there's a bit in a scoop of chocolate peperoncino gelato, but not this time. We were taking a tour of the Duomo gardens, a paradise within paradise. Art work and artifacts from centuries past... bits and pieces of what had been, what brought Amalfi to where it is today. And behind a broken wall, the dark space hidden between the studs, this had been uncovered:

click on it to get a really good look... it's amazing

I can stare at it for hours. When I first saw it, a piece of the wall had recently been broken away, still raw and jagged. Seeing this humble, simple scribbling in the walls felt like looking into the veins of the ancient building. And like watching my own blood pump through mine.

It's funny how we find these things. Always where and when you least expect it.


  1. It's beautiful. Has it been dated?

  2. No, they had just uncovered it last time I saw it and they still had not posted any information about it. I'll have to go and check again when we go for Christmas.

  3. Stunning.... I get excited by the uncovering of things that have been hidden.......

  4. It's beautiful. I miss museums and European history.

  5. I think this is one of the things I love the most about Italy-the layers and layers of history.

  6. 'Occasionally you stumble into something that clutches your soul'

    How true ! How aptly put !

  7. it will be so exciting to see if they have more information when you return.


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