Saturday, November 29

cioccolata calda

I love coming in from playing outside in the snow, peeling off all the wet clothes and warming my fingers up on a nice hot cup of hot chocolate. One of the true simple pleasures of life.

My Punkette is a chocolate lover. She could eat chocolate at every meal if I let her. Jars of nutella, chocolate eggs, croissants, gelato... yes, I'm afraid she's going to be one of those women. But when it comes to hot chocolate, not just any hot chocolate will do. It has to be cioccolata calda. Hot chocolate, Italian style.

You see, cioccolata calda is completely different from hot chocolate. You can sip hot chocolate. But cioccolata calda, you have to scoop it up with a spoon. In winter, they make up a vat of the stuff and keep it hot and turning all day. It's thick and creamy. And it's delicious.


  1. That sounds like my sort of chocolate treat!! I live for hot chocolate. *happy sigh*

    In fact i think i'm off to the kitchen to brew a giant mug of the stuff for myself! :p

  2. i too am one of those women. that sounds divine. i know now what treat i will have tonight.


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