Friday, November 7

down time

I'm feeling a bit glum today. I thought this morning I'd say something positive about my new home since there are so many things I love about being here and it seems like I've been giving Italy a lot of flack on this blog. I thought the Castagna Festival at Punkette's school would help, but it didn't. Oh, the kids were cute with their song and dancing, but large social gatherings just don't do it for me lately. They D-R-A-I-N me. I guess I'm on a down swing in my language sinusoidal because nothing is getting through lately.

Look at this beautiful lake. We like to go here when the weather is nice. The air, the mountains, just relaxing at the shore. Awesome.

Non-people things at the festival were wonderful and perhaps my lingual isolation helps me to see these things more clearly. The new courtyard in the convent was a beautiful backdrop to the festival. There are four large fruit trees and there was a lovely covering of wet yellow leaves on the ground. My punk was clearly enjoying the performance and loving the opportunity to sing and dance. The roasted castagne (chestnuts) were delicious as was the Vin Brule (hot spiced wine).

But I can hide away's Friday, I need a nice hot pizza, a movie, and some wine... I'll find my zip tomorrow.

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