Wednesday, November 19

love at first sight

The girls over at wandering the world and lulu's bay have been gushing on about the loves of their respective lives. I read these posts from my high anti-consumerism horse as I have been good and have thus far been able to live without that special something in my life, which in fact were these boots that belong to bossy... after all, isn't it written somewhere, thou shall not covet thy neighbor's boots?

But I was soon to discover that, these boots were too easy to resist. They don't exist in my real world. It is easy to resist something that is without substance. Something that is simply eye candy. For it was quite by surprise, when yesterday, the forces of fashion pulled me across the street. To not only gaze in awe through the window, but to dare step inside. To be bold enough to feel the weight, the buttery silkiness of this dress.

The love I didn't even know I was searching for. The one that says everything about me that I didn't know needed saying. There has never been one so perfect, so exact, so timelessly me. And as an added bonus, my size arrives on Thursday.


  1. I love it! Everyone should have one item in their closet that makes them happy simply by looking at it.

    Don't forget to post a picture of yourself in the dress. Even if all you do is go into the store to try it on.

  2. Great looking dress - and great looking blog too!

  3. Wow. That's going to be beautiful!

  4. My grandmother was from Italy and I have pics of her wearing great dresses like that. Cool blog.

  5. Thank you for your uplifting comments! King on New York Hacks' comment especially makes me smile since I've often been teased for being something of a granny. Let's just say I'm a classic.

  6. Oh that is an admirable addition to the 'admire from afar and gush style' item. I love it... looks like the perfect dress to wear on Lake Como when you are in a little boat - heading over to have lunch with George Clooney.

  7. Yes this is still "admire from afar and gush." I'm waiting for the kids to return to school and my paycheck... which I have to remember needs to cover Christmas too. Maybe I can convince hubby to get it for me for my birthday.

    Yes... it's very lake Como.

    Did you get your shoes? I love their demand attention flair.


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