Sunday, November 9

romance and ox carts

When word got out that we were moving here, we saw a lot of swooning and misty day-dreaming eyes. Oh Italy. And while Italy is not all romance and ox carts, there is quite a bit that lives up to those idyllic expectations.

For example, I took this photograph yesterday afternoon. It's images like these that perpetuate the myths...

Can you get any cuter than old men in feathered caps riding bikes? Ok, I don't want to be disrespectful. These men in caps are Alpini (and they're generally charming as all get out). But since I'm not an expert, you can read all about the Alpini here. Today marked the anniversary of when this region became part of Italy and the Alpini, came out in droves.

See those two little white heads in the bottom left of the picture? That's the beloved Marchesa and Ingegnere enjoying the festivities from their window. This is one reason I love living in the center.

What did I say about ox carts? Will donkeys suffice?

I love the mix of young and old here. I love that old means centuries and young means decades. I read a headline here that said "A youth of 36 years was..." Awesome. I'm a youth. A Ragazza.

Aren't they cute?

I'll let you decide exactly who I'm referring to...

Excuse me while I swoon.

No sir, thank you. I'm fine, really... (how embarrassing, swooning on a street crammed with Alpini... what was I thinking?).

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