Wednesday, November 12


My post yesterday has had me thinking. As often happens to me, I end up arguing with myself. In this case, part of me is turning her nose up at the sentence "I no longer have access to the tools to throw my hat in the ring." Ha! she says. Get a backbone. Take charge. If you want to make some friends, do something about it. And she's right.

Opportunities much less daunting than a bus load of strangers are all around me. The gathering of parents at my kid's tennis lessons, the cafeteria line at work, pick up at school... I've become fatigued and I just need to pull it together and go for it. Again.

what could be more frightening than a group of moms waiting outside the elementary school?

My challenge to myself (any other takers?): get to know someone just a little bit better in the next 24 hours. Someone that you normally wouldn't strike up a conversation with. Let's get gutsy and see what we find.


  1. Meeting new people is one of the hardest parts of moving. At least you have kids so you have access to all those school mums.

    I'm going to try and live up to your dare. Tonight is happy hour so i will strike up a conversation talk to someone new there instead of sticking to my usual group. :)

  2. I love the picture of the girls. Fantastic!

  3. So my challenge hasn't gone so well. I've been home with a sick kid for the past four days! But I did introduce myself to a nanny at the school. I knew that she spoke English though since she's nannying two kids that just moved here from the states.


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