Monday, November 3

happy monday

It's Monday morning, it's cold, dark and you can hear rain outside. The last thing you want to do it get started with the day. And then your hubby rubs your back to get the blood flowing. When the five year old next to you starts bubbling with excitement about the festival she's preparing for at her school in 5 days. Your 7 year old punk gives you a bear hug and smiles when you ask him if he wants you to put his clothes on the radiator. After seeing the empty shelves in the cupboards and the fridge, you remember you have just enough left over pancake batter to fill the bellies of your two hungry hard working punks. And despite the overflowing baskets of laundry waiting, everyone finds their favorite socks clean and dry. You remember snack and lunch tickets and smocks and it doesn't matter that your whole family slept in half an hour... you still manage to get everyone out the door, on time and, more importantly, with smiles on their faces.

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