Sunday, May 3

sailing between mountains

I haven't expressed it in a while, but I love living in Italy. I love being in the mountains, walking the stone and cobble streets, the shutters and washed out colors of the buildings. Seems like hidden treasures.

This weekend I went sailing with my family in Lake Garda. Yes, I cheated with the connections posts. But WOW the sail around the lake was amazing... I will make it up to you when I up load the photos in the morning and do a proper post.

Just being back on a boat again with M. He owned a small sail boat when we were in grad school together and we sailed every weekend we could. We loved the physical labor of refinishing the boat during the winter months. And finding that flow between us that maneuvering a boat requires. On a two week sail we night sailed threw a storm and he says that was when he decided he needed to marry me. The same storm came up in visualization exercises in our childbirth preparation classes. We even lived on a boat for the last three months of my first pregnancy. Later we sailed with both kids to where we were married. So, yes, it felt really wonderful to be back on a boat with M... makes me want to do a year aboard.

The punks were great. And M was good about asking them to pull lines, steer, and other things to help out when he could. Sailing can be stressful and he kept the tension down. This was the first time I've sailed with older punks and I didn't bring anything to keep them entertained. They made due towing dock lines, trying to get their feet wet and feeding the ducks, but next time I'll bring a toy boat they can tow, fishing poles, and nets maybe. More water toys. And their swim suits, even if the water is German tourist cold. ;)

I can't wait to post the pictures and tell the stories.

A presto,


  1. This is a beautiful post. I loved sailing with you. Thanks.

  2. I love being on the water. Don't get to do it nearly as much as I'd like to... Thanks for taking us with you!


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