Thursday, May 14


HELP! The piles are gaining in numbers. They seem to be multiplying when I turn my back. My laundry room has set roots and appears to have permanently taken over the guest room. It's YOUR fault! You haven't come to visit,

Moen, Google Images

providing the fuel, the fire, to thrust me into house cleaning gear. What better use for an empty guest room? No need for closets, just rummage through the pile on the bed, dig out some underwear, scavenge a pair of matching socks, shake out the wrinkles from the t-shirt.... then at the end of the day, throw them all right back into the same room, but this time the dirty pile on the floor (we're not heathens).

Come visit already. Please. The situation here is getting ridiculous. Or maybe I'll host a dinner this weekend. Yea, that'll work. Nothing motivates house cleaning like the threat of nosy parents coming over for dinner.


  1. I'm glad i'm not the only one who uses the guest room as a way station for clean laundry. LOL

  2. Had to chuckle over this one. I guess most of us do use that extra room as one big closet. I know I do.

  3. Yes, even in Italy, laundry still hunts us down like dogs. I was sort of imagining that a sweet Italian Nonna came with the house and she'd be hanging our whites out in the sun (while a pot of her signature sauce bubbled on the stove).

  4. Ahhh... The relentless pursuit of winning the war over the laundry. I fight that battle daily.


...and you may ask yourself, did I get here?