Thursday, May 7

Is there a linguist in the house?

Why is it called a mustache?
Why is it called a rainbow?
Why are ladybugs sometimes called ladybirds?

Do they ever get tired of asking questions that I have no answers for? I think it's so frustrating because I know that there are probably answers to these questions, I just don't know them. Stop asking me about stuff I don't know!!!

Why is Captain Hook called Captain Hook?

(FINALLY!!!) Because, he's a captain and he has a hook for a hand. (Fireworks and grand applause for Mom, the fountain of knowledge)

What was he called before?



  1. Oh, you are missing a grand opportunity here. When my kids used to ask all their assinine questions, I made up the answers. And I got pretty far out and unbelievable. For years, the boys thought I had super powers and could see through cars and semis because I told them all kinds of stuff about those people. That is what they got for asking about those people in the first place.

  2. Good point! They're always asking me: Why does "this" happen in the book? Where is that family going? Why does that guy have earings in his face? I could get creative here.

    My response to the question "what was he called before?" was "Captain Two Hands" which they totally called bull shit on and started throwing out all their own ideas for his name pre-hook.

  3. Just had to say, this entry made me giggle. Love those kind. actually love all your entries. I've been busy, but taking some time to catch up!


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