Friday, May 8

hello friends

When I read your posts, I end up dreaming about you. Will probably never meet you face to face, never be able to give you one of my famous hugs, but you end up speckling my life in many ways. Seriously, just last night I dreamed that TypO's new reason for not posting (love you Typ0) was that her blog had been bought by a publisher and she had to start something new!

I am trying to stay up to date on what everyone out there is doing. But I miss things. So I wanted to remind everyone of the Market Days meme in the side bar. It's different from most memes in that there is no recurring day and I'm not passing it on to specific people... thus it's easy to forget about. It just didn't seem like that would work with markets around the world, all happening for different reasons and at different times. So, to help it along, when I come across a post about a market in one of your blogs, I link it here. So far I have linked to our friends in Berlin, Dallas, and Korea ;) Help me out! If you have written about a market of any kind, please add your link. Or make a point to visit your seasonal market that may be starting up. I'd love to see your corners of the world.

;) Christine


  1. I'm starting to see signs for seasonal markets here -- including one that carries purplse asparagus!

  2. Hmmm.....Now that I think about it, I don't think I have ever had a dream that has had anything remotely to do with the Internet. Not sure what that means, but it occured to me while reading your post here.

  3. I have photos, but have never done a post on our market. I will try and go tomorrow so I can get some blog fodder for next week. I have to go and get my favorite goat cheese and see what yummy spring things they have!

  4. How famous are your hugs? Now I am curious.

  5. You have one coming your way shortly ! Very shortly !

    And yes...i subscribe to what Neil is saying !


  6. Yeah for the market posts. I'll be looking for them.

    I always get a little freaked out when I have a dream about someone I know only via blogging. Makes me think that I'm online too much. But I dream all kinds of weird stuff, so I just blow it off.

    How famous are my hugs? Well, I know they've been talked about, written about, sung about. That's pretty famous.

    Mostly, I think it's just that they're damn good. There's always a lot that I don't say and it usually comes out in a hug. So I think it just sends people for a bit of a loop when they're in one.

    When I find someone that hugs me like that, I keep 'em close.


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