Tuesday, May 26


So I can now say I've been to Iceland. Wow. I must say, it didn't look much different from the ground as it does from the air. Very flat and lots of scattered black boulders.

I thought you were going to San Francisco? Yea, me too. After rushing like mad to make a forty minute connection in Frankfurt, I was on a plane that never did end up getting us to our destination.

We had a passenger that started suffering from heart problems during the flight and was fortunate enough to find the assistance of a cardiologist on board. We were over Greenland when it was advised that we get this chap to the nearest available medical facilities, which turned out to be back in Iceland.

How odd. Didn't seem to be anything at all there. I suspect that everything is underground. It was seriously surreal. We landed, stopped and there was nothing but an expanse of flat boulder covered land. But somehow medical attention was obtained, fuel was dispensed, food supplies replenished... I think we must have landed over a tunnel down into another world.

Well, on from Iceland it turned out that they can't just work flight crew when you've incurred a 5 hour delay so it was decided that we would stop and stay in Washington DC for the night. The airline put us all up in hotel rooms for the night and chartered a plane for us to continue on to San Francisco in the morning. BTW the hotel room was absolutely SWEET (too bad I only got to sleep in it for 2 hours, but made full use of a kick ass shower... nothing like the one I've got back at home) meal and taxi vouchers... three cheers for United for making the best of an unfortunate situation. The passenger was fine, but stayed in Iceland I believe... the details were kind of sketchy.

So I finally did make it here. And hit the ground running... meetings tomorrow and I think there will be deadlines to meet by Friday. For now I might just go get some sleep.


  1. I always wanted to go to iceland...now...not so much.

  2. Good luck on the proposal. May all the good cheer that United seems to have brought to your life extend to the proposal in SF too !!

    Have a fun time !


  3. Good luck, Christine!
    Aloha. Keep heading west - you're HERE!

  4. I have to admit i'm kind of jealous you got to go to iceland. It's always been on our "to do list."

    Good luck on the proposal! ;)

  5. 10 points to you for making something positive from something not so positive

  6. LOL!!! You thought you were going to San Fran and ended up in Iceland???? Ha ha ha ahah!

    Here from Lizzy's blog... ;-)

  7. Up down and around. Glad you made it in better shape than the heart passenger.

    I had to stop off in Boston going home from study abroad back in 1975 - missed my flight to Detroit, was homesick, had to spend the night in Detroit. Anywho, nice hotel room and all, but no suitcase. It was the first time I slept in the buff. Now that was a happy discovery.

  8. neat experince..but glad everything turned out well and there werent screaming passengers in United, usually i wud hate their service , but this seems like a turnaround!!

  9. What an excellent trip! And how cool of you to be so go-with-the-flow about it. A lot of people can't do that.

  10. WOW, Our daughter the world traveler, will you ever get an uneventful flight? Good luck with your proposal, not that you'll need it, if there is one person that can pull it off, it's you. Looking forward to our July visit. Have we told you lately how proud we are or you, you go girl! Love Mom & Dad.

  11. Weather stranded me in Chicago once, but the hotel room was only average and not having access to stuff for my contact lenses was a total drag. Glad you finally made it to SFO!

  12. sounds like you could write a book of eventful airline journeys. best of luck although i am sure you don't need it. i left you an award at my blog when you get a chance.

  13. Good luck with your proposal!


  14. Iceland? What an adventure! You are so easygoing- I am not a good flyer so that would have really freaked me out.

    Love the Talking Heads quote.

  15. Just catching up on older posts . . .

    Glad everyone turned out to be ok. All in all, this sounds like kind of a fun adventure :)


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