Tuesday, May 12

ride share?

A daily commute
A commute by foot
Imagine no brake lights or smog, seat belts, or Starbucks.
No carpool, bumper stickers or Woody in the Morning.
Just a good pair of shoes, a pack on your back
Breathe in breathe out and head down the road
This is my favorite stretch...

Vineyards to the left and also the right
I watched the farmers go row by row
And the horse let out to roam.
Pruned in the winter, tied off to the lines
Now they pop with green and soak up the sun
And notice the stones and closer still
The lizards... everywhere!
This is my favorite stretch...

The turnstile squeaks each and every time
I try to slip by
As I pass through to cross the railroad tracks
Heading off through the mountains
The long way to Venice (the way that I like)
As it winds past the lakes and along rocky cliffs
This is my favorite stretch...

The pink houses that speckle the view
The city spread out below, the mountains ahead
Make me ready for punks, and everything else
Clear my head with
The rhythm of step and sweat on my brow
This is my favorite stretch...


  1. It sounds so lovely.

  2. Now THAT is a commute I'd like to take. :) I can't wait to see what our "commute" will be in England. I never thought about it quite like this.

  3. And--- have you guys made a final plan yet or are you still weighing the options?

  4. Wonderful, wonderful pictures.


...and you may ask yourself, well...how did I get here?