Tuesday, May 19

oh, to dream, to sleep...

The past few nights, Punkone has been waking up and then screaming at the top of his lungs for me to come into his room and lie down with him. And not just one holler, but like three or four before I can fully wake up. And not the "I'm terrified" screaming but the "get your ass in here NOW" screaming. I got fed up.

"Listen Punk (didn't actually say that), I'm not a Jeanie in a bottle on your bedside table (I did actually say that, and I did think of Jeanie from I dream of Jeanie when I said it). Believe it or not, I sleep too. If you need me to come here in the middle of the night, you need to give me a few seconds to wake up and figure out what the heck is going on"

"ok mom. I'm sorry" (big sad eyes, trying to make me feel bad... didn't work. Tough break kid, but that's what happens when mamma is sleep deprived)

So last night he calls out "mommy?" and then waits. I respond "ok, I'm coming" and then I wait. Literally, 10 seconds later I hear him snoring. Eh eh eh eh... Am I a bad mommy? I don't care. Sleep is goooood.


  1. You're a brilliant mommy.

  2. We had a prime minister some time back, whose standard response to any problem was a stoic face and doing nothing about it.

    And in time, sure the problem would go away ! And now i know where he could have picked it up from !!! It seems to work all around the world !

    And yes. Sleep is very good !:)

  3. Your a good mom, but
    sleep goOOOD!!

  4. A good night's sleep makes you a good mum! So you chose well, young grasshopper. :p

  5. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Sleep IS good. Sounds like you handled the situation very well.

  6. How clever...even if it wasn't planned...I think that children sometimes need to know that their parents have ordinary needs too. <3


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