Sunday, May 17

love one another

It was just a coincidence that I watched Harvey Milk on DVD last night. (read a nice write up about the real Harvey Milk here). But how perfect that homophobia is on my mind and today happens to be International Day Against Homophobia. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Amanda.

Watching the movie, I thought about where I was in the late 70s. Far from thinking about civil rights, that's for sure (because I had them). Watching the movie I felt myself grasp for some vague recollection about teachers losing their jobs because they were homosexual. I'm glad that the US has evolved enough to protect it's citizens from persecution based upon sexual orientation.

Well, at least in the work place. At least on paper. The recent vote in California to ban homosexual marriage was a slap in the face... a wake up call that screamed, that even in California, people are still carrying around issues with homosexuality. And sadly bringing it into legislation. Again. Now we have the Courage Campaign.

If you are afraid, ask yourself, honestly, why? Are you afraid of everyone different from you? Can you open up enough to try to get to know a homosexual person. That's easy to do, there are hoards of openly gay blogs... go read about someone else's life, how much they hate/love starbucks, how traffic sucks, terrible twos, how it's so damn hard to find a good pair of heels in their size (ha ha, just kidding).

ANYWAY... hugs all and pass it on ;)


  1. Well said! It saddens me that we need a special day to recognize our GLBT friends and loved ones. Who someone loves does not change who they are.

    I look forward to the day when homophobia is simply a horrible relic of the past.

  2. It is sad, I agree.

    And it's even easier than reading blogs. Truth be told, we all know homosexuals - and many of us don't even know it. We have to recognize that "they" aren't any different. We work with them, they are our neighbors, we admire them in all sorts of jobs around us - and most of us never realize they are gay - so what's the big deal? Whom they happen to love is none of our business, any more than whom we love is theirs.

  3. I'm just laughin' at your gram om om om ying and yang thingie :)))

  4. I'm not gay and it's still hard to find heels in my size! I have peggy hill feet and live in the country where largeness is punished harshly.

    Good post! I ranted to my husband abut the unfairness of this issue last night.

  5. Now I feel bad that I still haven't gotten around to watching Milk, though I've had the DVD for months!


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