Monday, April 27

race car ya-yas

Get your grip
The curves are much too hard to resist
He'll test the limits of this burly beast
The engine roars
As he punches the throttle to gain more speed
Then launching us forward to stop at a light.
Its slick outside
But we fly negligently into the thrill of the grade
And vast empty space off to the right...

Sending this bus load of passengers to contemplate life.

My daily commute is pleasant in that it is short. But riding the bus up and down the mountain is a white knuckle, lets-practice-some-meditation-and-not-think-about-how-near-to-death-we-are, experience.

And, just out of curiosity, I googled "Ferrari" and "bus"... apparently they make one. Fantastic.


  1. That is one wild looking bus!

  2. Public transportation in other countries is always so much more exciting! That bus looks fun to ride :)

  3. And the scary thing is, one reads of horrific bus accidents just often enough for it to seem statistically likely....

  4. Hmm. So a Ferrari bus is something that you are angling for ! Well, would that be Formula 10 or something like that..!

    I never knew that..they made buses !


  5. Yikes! Hold on for dear life girlie!!


...and you may ask yourself, did I get here?