Friday, April 10

Pilgram behind the wheel!

I'm on vacation with the punks this week. AND we have access to a car.

I am 100% happy that I have been living without a car for nearly the past two years. I'm not exaggerating even a tiny bit. I love the absence of car hassle in my life.

But circumstances have it that we now have a car for a few days, I thought, to go exploring of some of these gorgeous mountains I'm always gazing at from afar.

Day one: We went to McDonalds. B. A. R. F. (not sure what that stands for) But we went. Because I asked the punks where they wanted to go with the car for lunch and that's what they came up with. Of course. What did I expect? I was stupid to ask them, so I took my punishment and we went to McDonalds. Later we went to the mall (kill me now).

Day two: Determined not to make the same mistake as the day before, I proposed we head up to the mountains for a picnic. We were short on time because we had a dentist appointment in the morning and a birthday party in the afternoon, but, having a car instead of taking a bus, I figured we could pull it off. I only wasted about an hour driving in circles looking for parking (and amazingly, I got right back into my cursing the traffic and lack of parking spaces zone complete with stiff shoulders and a sore neck).

Mom and punks day's 3 and 4 come next Tuesday and Wednesday when we return from our family trip (I am NOT driving any where remotely close to Rome)... hopefully we'll explore a bit further afield and make all this car hassle worth it.


  1. I hope you don't get pulled over and have to show your license ...

  2. Love city driving. The opportunity to practice patience! The potential for unwarranted hand gestures!

  3. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Not having a car sounds ideal in today's environment. Also, someone rear-ended me today while I was at a stoplight. She was talking on the phone to her boyfriend. Nice, hey.

    Take pictures of the beautiful mountains.

  4. So does your car also have two steering wheels !?!

    Hmm. Happy holidays. safe trip !

  5. Ha that video cracked me up!!!

    I hope you have a grand vacation in your car!!! Well not in the car but you know what I mean!!!

    Happy Easter!!

  6. So, in Italy, are the hand gestures done with more flourish?

  7. Part of the fun (and frustration) of living in Italy is learning that Italians believe with all their hearts that rules are meant to be broken. Traffic laws are merely suggestions and a well presented argument can get you out of (or into) anything. There is always wiggle room, you just have to be willing to shake your stuff.

    Hmmm... I sense a post developing.


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