Monday, April 20

wanted: litter bugs

I snapped some photos of the traffic signs on my walk home one gray day... you can see they were the only spots of color in sight:

The red triangle is a warning sign... yield in this case.

I still haven't figured out what this T means...

Clearance for the underpass to the left.

This sign confused me since the red circle is used to indicate what is forbidden. But a blank red circle? I had to ask someone. It means EVERYTHING is forbidden.

Self explanatory.

On to my rant:

I've observed a new approach to advertising as of late. Rather than pay people to hand out fliers or post them around town, several of the local business have decided it's just as effective to throw the advertisements directly on the ground. They pay someone to walk around the city and scatter the fliers on the ground as they walk. They stand at the bus stops and drop them everywhere, coating the wet pavement with an announcement of the next event at some bar. They drop them one by one as they stroll through the city.

It normally upsets me when I see litter. I want to scream when I see people stamping out their cigarettes and kick them down the drain. But this is maddening on a different level... there's someone in charge, hiring kids to litter. There are kids willing to do so. It's upsetting to me that this doesn't seem to bother any of them.

I need to find out what the littering laws are in Italy.


  1. Oh, that would make me FURIOUS. I ABHOR litterbugs. Once, I was having a picnic with my daughter when she was a baby... we were just ouside our house, fairly near the road, but mostly hidden from view. I could see, however, when a driver, stopped at the light at the entrance to our neighborhood, threw a bag from a fast food place out his window. I jumped up, grabbed the baby, and ran over... picked up the bag and threw it right back in his open window and into his lap. I screamed something about dropping his garbage on his own lawn. Grrrrrrrrr.

  2. A red circle with a blank white space means everything is forbidden ! That is insightful. And will help me travel in Italy ! Whenever i do so !

    But if they write a 30 in that white space...does it mean 30 things are forbidden !?

    And litter...well, i will host you when you come to India. And i will say only that much.


  3. So annoying! In Paraguay the people paid to give out flyers would give you 10 or 20, they just wanted to get rid of them. These guys need to figure out a better way to advertise.

  4. I need one of those "everything is forbidden" signs for a couple of my grandkids!

  5. I would go completely out of my mind if I saw this littering. As Brenda said, YES, they definitely have to find a better method. Call City Hall!

  6. Everything is forbidden?


  7. in china they pass out fliers which you kindly take and then find the nearest receptacle. in my city someone pasted bumper stickers on the sidewalk, they don't sweep up very well.

  8. Thowing adverts on the ground is incredibly common in Korea (especially by hostess bars) and is incredibly annoying.


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