Tuesday, April 7

row row row your boat

Rowing is one of my favorite activities. Gliding across the water, I love the persistence of rowing.

Rowing through this pond, in Rome, I remember feeling as if I was in a pot of turtle soup. You couldn't help but hit them with the oars and seemed like three or four were riding along with each stroke. I never imagined a pond could be so densely populated. The day was so hot I might have feigned falling in if I wasn't sure I'd have met my untimely death by turtle nipping.

Rowing at 5 am across a foggy river in graduate school... rowing away exams and research (and a fiance') until there was just sweat and sore muscles left and I could see the mist fade and the light change as the sun came up. Physically blasting through each stoke finding power and strength in our unified saunter, but mentally drifting with clarity and calm across the water.

I'm rowing now. Through life, love, parenting, marriage, living abroad... Power and peace swirling simultaneously. Pushing forward and stepping back. Finding (seeking) that pleasure in both the two steps forward and the one step back (or 10). Enjoying the burn as much as the breeze.


  1. That was an amazing analogy! Gave me chill bumps.

  2. I do love the way you write.

    I've never actually rowed on water but I love the rowing machine at the gym. I know it's not the same but that repetitive/resistant movement... I love that.

  3. great! all we can do is just keep rowing. you have an amazing attitude .

  4. Anonymous8:21 PM

    When I read your posts, I'm mostly left speechless (in a good way)

    Very deep.

  5. Superb ! This is life isnt it ?

    In tamil, there is a famous song which talks of life resembling paper boats on the waves that caress the beach.

    I got reminded of that song...! lovely

  6. I love that rowing metaphor! It really is the way we go through life.

    Great post girlie!

  7. Great metaphor -- thank you for giving it to us.

  8. I have had turtle soup and that reality stretched the metaphor for me a little. Being heavily under the influence of anti-emetics, I wondered for a moment if the water really did have turtles in it. . . at any rate, I can see how rowing would be peaceful, especially in the early morning.

    Enjoy your row through life. Mine is taking me backwards at the moment, but I know my forward moment will come :)

  9. Christine - I usually read your posts for a laugh at this ridiculous condition called life; this one, however, really strikes me. Beautiful writing and great analogy. Row, row away!

  10. Love the metaphor. Rowing thru life:) Are you there in the pic?

    Scares me a bit too...What if the waters're not so still? What if it's wee bit gushy/ wavy/ I give up:)

  11. "...same as it ever was...same as it ever was..."

    loving your analogy between rowing (lol - I *almost* wrote running; one track mind) and life.


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